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Welcome to
On the Edge Brewery

If you want one off beers, made in a house at the top of a hill in Sheffield then we are your brewery.

Our aim is to create real ale using the best and most interesting ingredients using a wide range of yeast, hops and malts.


We produce a huge variety of real ale from belgiums to wheat beer to British classics. All the beer we produce is rare and produced in small amounts, and unlikely to be brewed again because of the experimental nature of our brewery.


Currently we operate with a half a brewers barrell and make around 6 casks a month, selling to local pubs, festivals and running our own annual festival showcasing 9 of our own beers.


We are award winning:


  • Silver Award, Sheffield CAMRA Annual Beer of Sheffield Competition 2012

  • Best beer voted by the public at The Hop beer festival 2013,

  • Bronze in the Golden Ale category and  Bronze in the Stout category at the Rotherham CAMRA Champion Beer of Yorkshire competition June 2015

  • Bronze Award Champion Beer of Sheffield, Sheffield CAMRA Steel City beer festival 2016

  • Silver Award for Speciality beer at the Rotherham CAMRA ale and music festival at Magna 2017


Come to our beer fest to taste some more lovely beers. 

Lu and Tom



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